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select4/16/2014B. Path's/AED - Part 2 (A-2)Saint LouisMO041614CPR041614CPR
select4/21/2014Basic Rigging Course (A-5)Saint LouisMO042114RIG042114RIG
select4/23/2014BIM Comupter Lab - RevitSaint LouisMO042314BIM042314BIM
select4/23/2014Early Bird Seminar-Employment Agreements Oh My!Saint LouisMO042314SSP042314SSP
select4/23/2014NEW OSHA Required GHS Only (A-4)Saint LouisMO042314GHS042314GHS
select4/28/2014Safety & Health ForumSaint LouisMO042814SAFE042814SAFE
select4/29/2014BIM Unit 4: Process, Adoption, and IntegrationSaint LouisMO042914BIM042914BIM
select5/7/20141st Aid / CPR Part 1 (M-1)Saint LouisMO050714AID050714AID
select5/8/2014BIM Comupter Lab - BIM 360Saint LouisMO050814BIM050814BIM
select5/12/2014Scaffolds Course (M-4)Saint LouisMO051214SCAF051214SCAF
select5/13/2014Construction Quality Management for ContractorsSaint LouisMO051314CQMC051314CQMC
select5/14/2014B. Path's/AED - Part 2 (M-2)Saint LouisMO051414CPR051414CPR
select5/16/2014Estimators ForumSaint LouisMO051614ESTI051614ESTI
select5/19/2014OSHA 10-hr Course (M-5)Saint LouisMO051914OSHA051914OSHA
select5/19/2014Safety & Health ForumSaint LouisMO051914SAFE051914SAFE
select5/20/2014Human Resources ForumSaint LouisMO052014HR052014HR
select5/20/2014NEW OSHA Required GHS Only (M-3)Saint LouisMO052014GHS052014GHS
select5/21/2014BIM Comupter Lab - InventorSaint LouisMO052114BIM052114BIM
select6/4/2014BIM Comupter Lab - NavisworksSaint LouisMO060414BIM060414BIM
select6/5/2014Build A Brat PicnicSt. LouisMO060514BAB060514BAB