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select2/10/2015AGC Chapters Labor ConferenceScottsdaleAZ021015LAB021015LAB
select2/10/2015STP Unit 2 Oral and Written CommunicationSaint LouisMO021015STP021015STP
select2/11/2015St. Louis County On-Line InspectionsSaint LouisMO021115PERM021115PERM
select2/12/2015STP Unit 6 Understanding and Managing Project CostsSaint LouisMO021215STP021215STP
select2/13/2015Estimators ForumSaint LouisMO021315ESTI021315ESTI
select2/16/2015Qualified Crane Signal Person Course (F-3)Saint LouisMO021615CRNE021615CRNE
select2/18/20151st Aid / CPR Part 1 (F-1)Saint LouisMO021815AID021815AID
select2/23/2015Basic Rigging Course (F-4)Saint LouisMO022315RIG022315RIG
select2/23/2015Safety & Health ForumSaint LouisMO022315SAFE022315SAFE
select2/25/2015B. Path's/AED - Part 2 (F-2)Saint LouisMO022515CPR022515CPR
select2/25/2015BIM Unit 2: Technology (2nd Edition)Saint LouisMO022515BIM022515BIM
select3/3/2015Construction Quality Management for ContractorsSaint LouisMO030315CQMC030315CQMC
select3/3/2015Project Manager Program - Module 4 - Risk ManagementSaint LouisMO030315PMDP030315PMDP
select3/4/20151st Aid / CPR Part 1 (M-1)Saint LouisMO030415AID030415AID
select3/4/2015Construction Technology Committee-Call for MembersSaint LouisMO030415BIM030415BIM
select3/11/2015B. Path's/AED - Part 2 (M-2)Saint LouisMO031115CPR031115CPR
select3/13/2015Estimators ForumSaint LouisMO031315ESTI031315ESTI
select3/16/2015GHS-Minimum Requirements (M-3)Saint LouisMO031615GHS031615GHS
select3/25/2015BIM Unit 3: Contract Negotiation and Risk AllocationSaint LouisMO032515BIM032515BIM
select4/8/20151st Aid / CPR Part 1 (A-1)Saint LouisMO040815AID040815AID